With the Invoicing module, you forget about making invoices to the Insurance manually, and our software takes care of sending the services that have been performed to the Insurance, so that they are paid, without errors or delays, saving you time.

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Payments To Providers

Tired of making calculations for the payment of your providers, don't worry, we have the solution, with our module you will no longer have to do it.

Our software is responsible for making a report of how much should be paid to each RBT, Analyst etc. It also returns a file that is sent to the bank and the payment is made. 

Progress Evaluation

This module gives you all the necessary resources so that you can see how far the child has advanced, giving a report of the child, the parent and the provider. The child's report is sent along with the assessment or reassessment so that the insurance renews the treatment, all in a very simple way.

Board Supervision

With the Board Supervision you will be able to organize who supervises the rbt and attendees, at what times and what days of the week, this information will be saved along with the number of supervised sessions, the evaluation of the supervision.

Data Collection

In the Data Collection each of the incidents of each session is collected for each maladaptive or skill of the child, generating graphs that help determine the child's program.


Module that optimizes and manages the entire process of attracting workers, in addition all their data is entered and processed for approval. The module also shows the skills and goals that must be met as well as the possibilities offered by the position.


With this module you can send all the necessary information for your review, with just one click you get rid of a long process of documents after documents, saving time and effort.

Assessment Tools

The Assessment Tool is responsible for automatically generating the assessment in pdf and then being sent. Each assessment made by the analyst about the child is stored in the system as well as the treatment given to the child.

Services Note

It contains information about the supplier and recipient, as well as working hours, who will be present. 

The content varies according to the procedure being applied. For example, if it is therapy by protocol include goals (skills, maladaptive), interventions and work strategies and more.

It reports statistics on unit consumption in the week and in the period of authorization. It also undergoes a similarity process to detect if there was copy and paste.

When a note is submitted, a validation procedure is carried out where the data in the Data Collection is verified, that the information of the recipient and the provider are updated and that the established rules on the consumption of units are complied with.

Documents Admin

Manage the necessary documents for recipients and providers.

Give sufficient notice of the expiration of the documents of both the providers and the recipients.

Restricts the provider's work when documents have expired.

Each provider can directly upload their documents and the agency will approve them for effectiveness.