Easy to use design which facilitates daily work operations.

Registered Behavior Technician

Technician will have more time to focus on their clients while taking accurate real time data.

♥ Communicate progress in real time to your lead analyst.

 Have all the information you need readily and clearly presented to you: graphs, goals, interventions procedures.

♥ Know the progress of your client, as well as the treatment for it.

♥ Have your procedures handy as you run the different programs.

♥ You have access to all customer information, plus you'll be able to enter your daily data on behaviors, goal, and skill acquisitions.


♦ The analyst can define domain criteria and automatically determine the objectives achieved.

 Access to all customer data, as well as see the progress of each as the data is entered by you or your attendees. 

♦ Enjoy our easy access to all of your documentation with only one click.

 Monitor and evaluate patient behavior.

♦ Necessary tools for the intervention, this makes a significant difference in the patient's life by implementing the necessary procedures for their recovery.

 It makes it easier to communicate with RBTs.


 Thebamcloud automatically documents who views or updates the data, and when, and keeps track of any modifications.

♣ Customize permissions by allowing administrators to determine precisely who can access what data.

 Track analyst productivity or RBT, authorizations, behavior plans, assessments, and much more.

♣ As an Administrator, you can: even run detailed reports that will keep the practice going running smoothly.

 Stay in compliance with HIPAA with our software which is designed to keep up to date with the ever-changing regulations.

♣ With this easy-to-use software, Administrator they'll be able to manage all patient information, you'll be able to know what your RBTs and analysts are working on, identify customer progress, and much more.

 In a very simple way you can send reports to Medicaid, make payments to providers and much more.