Is the best management software for the practice in the field of behavior analysis. 

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The software was designed and developed for any agency, small, medium or large with cost-effectiveness in mind.

Thebamcloud guarantees the reduction of resources and time, ensuring greater productivity and performance.

It was developed by people with a deep understanding of behavioral analysis.

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Thebamclud consists of 10 independent modules, which when combined and applied jointly, allows you to divide, focus and manage all clinical and administrative operations.

You can use one module or you can use them all, making the software flexible and tailored to your companies goals and needs.

RECRUITMENT Optimize and manage employee recruitment.

DOCUMENTS ADMIN Manage the necessary documents for recipients and providers.

SERVICES NOTE  ​It contains information about the supplier and recipient.

DATA COLLECTION ​It collects the incidences of each session of the child.

ASSESSMENT TOOLS  It is responsible for automatically generating the analyst's assessment in PDF and then sending it.

BILLING This module is responsible for sending the services that have been provided, so that they can then be paid for by the insurance.

eQHEALTH With this module you will be able to send all the necessary information for your review.

BOARD SUPERVISION You'll be able to organize who supervises the rbt and the attendees and the schedule.

PROGRESS EVALUATION Provide the resources needed to see the child progress.

PAYROLL  It makes a report of how much needs to be paid and returns a file that is sent to the bank for payment.

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Enjoy our easy access for data collection from anywhere, anytime using any device with one-click internet access.


The software requires very little training because it is highly intuitive and has a clinically logical chart-centric workflow.


Documentation & Data

Our behavioral analysis content engine reduce the time behavior analyst spend documenting client’s care.

Improves efficiency by creating notes that are personalized for the client.

Customized reports maintain compliance with most funding sources and clinical quality measures reporting requirements.

It helps you work more efficiently on analyzing data that influences significant changes in your customers' lives.

Allows you to access your clients documentation whenever you need to. With our cloud-based system, all you need are a web browser and an Internet connection. 

On-time reports

Daily notes, completed care plan goals, and goal attendance level, and others, facilitate the generation of daily, monthly, quarterly or annual progress reports. 

This software is designed in compliance with ever-changing HIPAA regulations.

The robust reporting system helps increase efficiency while eliminating data reporting errors. 

With Thebamcloud you can view and enter progress notes, track patient progression, record procedures and more, all from anywhere.


User permission customization means you can determine precisely who can access what data.

The setting up of each user according to their role in the practice gives you complete fine-tuned control over access.

Thebamcloud automatically documents who views or updates the data, and when, and who tracks any modifications made.